Welcome to Daz.id.au

Welcome all, to my little slice of the web! 

This is basically my blog, my ranting space, my area to let go and blast out my ideas and thoughts for the world to ignore.

Its really just another boring small personal website that will probably be ignored by all but a small few, BUT, its MY website!

I probably will offend some people with content and some of my rants when I'm in a "MOOD" or exploring the "darkness" in which I reside, as I have a tendency of just writing what I feel. 

If you're a little confused in what I mean about when I refer to the darkness then have a quick look at the about me page for a brief explanation.

The website will grow as time moves on and will hopefully branch into a few different areas.

The initial starting areas will be my personal blog that is for mature audiences only and again I point out out that it will offend some.

Secondly I dable with guitars and music and although I am only learning and play purely for "fun", I do like to record various attempts at music making, and I like to document some info, so others can access it, but more importantly so I don't forget and have a reference myself. 

There will also be other areas devoted to computers and technology as that also is a passion and hobby of mine.



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This site is currently under major upgrade and redevelopment and will change considerably in the coming months. Not all sections are currently operational.